French Grammar

French Grammar
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ISBN: 9781906623821
Clearly written concise grammar book for Ordinary and Higher Level Junior Cert French. Contains useful exercise throughout the book to reinforce grammer rules. Simple and effective explanations of key grammer concepts.Abundant use of examples to illustrate grammar points.This is a very useful little book which gives very clear definitions and explanations and rules of French Grammar."Grammar is not anything to be scared of.Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle.Each piece of a sentence has its place in the language..Together they all make a beautiful picture" Its a good idea to learn these grammar terms in French and English ,not only becasuse it makes it easier to navigate a grammar book but also because there is a grammar question in the exam.Thats an easy few marks if you know your grammar terms! This is an ideal little book which gets to the core of French Grammar.
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