Exploring Geography - Australia and Oceania

Exploring Geography - Australia and Oceania
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Exploring Geography – Australia and Oceania is split into sections, allowing pupils to focus on particular aspects of the continent.

They will learn about the location, political divisions, physical features, resources and cultures of Australia and Oceania through enjoyable reading and writing activities. This book helps pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the people and systems that shape our world.


  • engaging activities, such as word searches, geography quiz, cloze tests, crosswords and ‘true or false’ questions
  • activities include map reading and comprehension of the provided text
  • note-taker pages extend each section and promote individual research
  • easy-to-read maps and appealing images
  • multiple-choice assessment pages
  • teacher information at the beginning of each section
  • geography curriculum links provided
  • answers for activities and assessments
  • a very useful geography resource for 4th to 6th class pupils

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