Fourth Class

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Unlocking SESE 4th Class
Curriculum links and integration clearly definedKey to Literacy supports the development of key skil..
Ex Tax: €11.20
Weaving Well Being 4th Tools of Resilience PUPIL BOOK
The Tools of Resilience Children’s Pupil Book consists of 10 lessons which are designed to introduc..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Whistle A While
Whistle A While Julie Ryng..
Ex Tax: €7.95
Whistle Along
Whistle Along Julie Ryng..
Ex Tax: €7.95
Witches Spiders & Cowboys Skills Book
Witches, Spiders and Cowboys, 4th Class Skills Book Relates directly to the material in the co..
Ex Tax: €9.75
Word Wise 4
Word Wise is a series of activity books written by experienced primary school teachers and desi..
Ex Tax: €10.65
Work It Out 4th Class
Work It Out Consolidates Numeracy Skills Mental Maths Activities Numeracy is the ability to..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Writing Text Types
Writing Text Types is a full-colour resource designed to help teachers promote, and pupils develop, ..
Ex Tax: €5.99