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Lasracha - Soilse Leabhar 4 The books are ideal as supplementary readers for Middle and Senior Cla..
Ex Tax: €6.20
Let's Go
Wonderland Let's Go..
Ex Tax: €22.10
Let's Make Music 3 & 4
A child-centred and teacher-friendly Music series for Junior Infants to Sixth Class. The series is w..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Lets Talk Literacy 4th Class
Let’s Talk Literacy is a New Primary English Literacy Skills series for First to Sixth Class.  ..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Lift Off 4th Class
Lift Off Fourth Class Lift Off Key Skills in English is a series of independent supplementary acti..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Litrigh E Linn 4
Litrigh é Linn 4 is a new Irish Spelling books for 4th Class. Litrigh é Linn is a new series of..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Mapwise 1
A new series of Geography activity books, fully in line with the Revised Curriculum for SESE  ..
Ex Tax: €10.75
Mata Beo Rang 4
Mata Beo Fouth Class / Rang a Ceathair Author : L. MacFionnbhair..
Ex Tax: €16.20
Mata Draiochta 4
Irish language editions of the widely-used Mathemagic book for Fourth Class..
Ex Tax: €19.60
Mata Meabhrach 4
Mata Meabhrach 4..
Ex Tax: €5.00
Mathemagic 4
Mathemagic 4 Author : K. Barry / P. Manning / S. O'Neill / T. Roche..
Ex Tax: €19.60
Mathemagic Shadow Book 4
Mathemagic Shadow Book 4..
Ex Tax: €8.10
Mathemagic Table Book
Mathemagic Table Book..
Ex Tax: €2.50
Maths Assessment Tests 4
Maths Asessment Tests 4 Author : N. O'Loughlin..
Ex Tax: €4.65
Maths Challenge 4
Maths Challenge 4 Author : B. Montgomery..
Ex Tax: €7.10
Maths Mate 4
Maths Mate 4 offers fresh, innovative and colourful opportunities for pupils of all abilities to fur..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Modern Handwriting 4
Modern Handwriting Book 4 is designed to facilitate the following aspects of the teaching of handwri..
Ex Tax: €8.25
Modern Handwriting 4A
Modern Handwriting Book 4A is designed to facilitate the following aspects of the teaching of handwr..
Ex Tax: €8.25
Music Made Easy 4th Class
Ex Tax: €6.00
My Personal Word Book
My Personal Word Book..
Ex Tax: €4.50
My Read At Home Book 4
The My Read at Home Book series develops reading fluency and comprehension skills by encouraging dai..
Ex Tax: €14.10
My Spelling Workbook E New 2nd Edition
My Spelling Workbook E New 2011 Edition..
Ex Tax: €6.99
My Word A Day 4
My Word a Day is an innovative series of oral language skills books, with particular emphasis on voc..
Ex Tax: €5.35
New Treasury 4th Class 2018 Edition
Folens English Skills programme for 4th class Each unit is based on one of the genres outlined by th..
Ex Tax: €9.50