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Briathra - A Students Guide To Irish verbs (REPRINTING)
 11 irregular verbs and 38 main regular Irish verbs, conjugated in the Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir&nb..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Briathra na Gaeilge
A handy reference book containing lists of both regular and irregular verbs in Irish. It can be used..
Ex Tax: €7.40
Revise Wise Junior Cycle Irish (Higher Level)
Top 5 Tips1. In the exam, read all the instructions carefully and answer all&nbs..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Yuris Study Card Irish General Grammar Part 2
Yuri's Study Card Irish General Grammar Part 2 The Irish card is divided in 2 parts. Part one cov..
Ex Tax: €4.40
Graimear don Mheanscoil
Leabhar teagaisc agus leabhar saothair é seo a chlúdíonn na gnéitheis tábhachtaí de ghramadachnana G..
Ex Tax: €5.95
Irish Verbs Made Easy Card
This is a four paged, laminated “fold over” card, A4 in size. It provides a unique approach to formi..
Ex Tax: €4.80