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 Mol an Oige 2 Set
Textbook, workbook and free eBook...
Ex Tax: €29.95
 Mol an Oige 3
Is do scoláirí Dara agus Tríú Bliana é Mol an Óige 3 (Ardleibhéal) agus tá sé ag teacht leis na tr..
Ex Tax: €29.95
21st Century Business Pack 3rd Edition
This Third Edition of 21st Century Business has been updated to reflect the changing economic circ..
Ex Tax: €32.90
A L'Attaque
 Specifically designed for both 5th and 6th year Higher Level students   • Specifically..
Ex Tax: €34.95
A Tempo
 A Tempo 1st Year Music This book provides 1st Year students with a basic introduction to mus..
Ex Tax: €16.10
A Thig Na Tit Orm
This autobiography is prescribed for the Leaving Certificate Irish course. Full of stories from his ..
Ex Tax: €16.40
A Thig Na Tit Orm Notai
This comprehensive book provides detailed notes on Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé’s autobiographical A Thig Ná T..
Ex Tax: €11.15
A World Of Wellbeing
Civic, Social and Political Education for the New Junior Cycle. Includes the reflective journal...
Ex Tax: €24.95
Abenteuer Deutsch!
Abenteuer Deutsch 1 has been written in accordance with the new Junior Cycle Specification for Moder..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Accent Francais
 Leaving Certificate French Oral and Aural Preparation  Accent Français is a Leaving Cert..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Accounting For Senior Cycle
A new and fully updated version of the highly successful Accounting for Senior Cycle textbook. The t..
Ex Tax: €39.50
Achtung Deutsch
· Specifically designed for 5th and 6th year students of German · Each chapter deals comprehensive..
Ex Tax: €32.99
Active Maths 1 2nd Edition 2018 Textbook and Workbook
Active Maths 1 has been carefully revised to be fully aligned to the new Junior Cycle specificat..
Ex Tax: €28.00
Active Maths 2 Textbook and Workbook
Due to the type of binding used we can not cover the Workbook Used in conjunction with Active Ma..
Ex Tax: €23.95
Active Maths 3 OL 2nd ed LC
LC Active Maths 3 is a new single volume edition of our popular LC Maths Ordinary Level book, it is ..
Ex Tax: €29.50
Aililiu Bop Siuaidi
 Aililiu Bop Siuaidi An engaging and popular novel by Ruaidhrí Ó Báille for Junior Certificat..
Ex Tax: €10.60
Allons-y 1 Lexique
Relevant nouns, adjectives and verbs from the textbook in alphabetical order for ease of use Space t..
Ex Tax: €1.50
Allons-y 1 Mon chef d'oeuvre Book
Create their own ‘masterpieces’ in traditional and digital formatsReflect on and evaluate their prog..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Allons-y 2 Lexique
The Allons-y 2 Mon chef d’œuvre portfolio provides a record of learning for Classroom-Based A..
Ex Tax: €2.50
Allons-y 2 Mon chef d'oeuvre Book
The Allons-y 2 Mon chef d’œuvre portfolio provides a record of learning for Classroom-Based Assessm..
Ex Tax: €5.95
Allons-y 2 Pack(Textbook, Mon chef d'oeuvre Book and Lexique)
Allons-y 2 for Second and Third Year builds on Allons-y 1 to deepen Communicative competence, Langu..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Alone It Stands Portfolio Book
The accompanying student portfolio to Educate . ie's new and exciting edition of John Breen's Alone ..
Ex Tax: €3.95
Am Gno Time For Business Pack
Am Gno (Set) Staidear Gno don tSraith Shoisearach (Time for Business). Téacs nua cuimsitheach do St..
Ex Tax: €30.95
An Domhan Inniu 5 and 7 3rd Ed
Tíreolaíocht na hArdteistiméireachta. An triú hEagrán. Toghaonad 5 & Roghaonad 7. A new and imp..
Ex Tax: €19.95