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A Question of Faith Pack (Textbook and Activity Book) New Junior Cycle 2019 Edition
A Question of Faith has been written specifically for the new Junior Cycle Religious Education speci..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Beliefs in Our World Pack (Textbook and Skills Book)
The Beliefs in Our World package includes: Beliefs in Our World Skills Book: Contains a wide variet..
Ex Tax: €27.95
Faith Alive Pack (Textbook and Skills Book) (New Junior Cycle) 2019
Published 2019..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Good News Bible 2017 Ed
Good News Bible - Schools EditionApproved by the Catholic ChurchThe Catholic Good News Bible is idea..
Ex Tax: €19.95
Know The Way
Know The Way Author : Orla Walsh..
Ex Tax: €19.95
Know The Way Revision Worksheets A-D
Know the Way Revision Worksheets A-D  ..
Ex Tax: €6.50
Know The Way Worksheets E-F
Know the Way Worksheets E-F ..
Ex Tax: €7.50
A World Of Beliefs
Published: 2019Explores all five major world religions and their relationship to us, each other and ..
Ex Tax: €26.00
Faith Alive (OLD 2013 EDITION)
This is the OLD Edition. There has been another edition printed 2019...
Ex Tax: €26.95
Inspire 1 Pack (Textbook & Portfolio Book)
INSPIRE introduces and revisits Learning Outcomes in a spiral approach in line with the new Junior ..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Inspire 1 Portfolio Book ONLY
Note: This portfolio is included FREE with purchase of the Inspire 1 textbook packageThe Inspir..
Ex Tax: €2.95
Light the Way
Junior Certificate Religious Education..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Religions in the Modern World
A balanced, exam-focused and inclusive approach to Junior Certificate Religion. Presents the en..
Ex Tax: €27.99
Soul Seekers
Published: 2019Soul Seekers Textbook & Skills Book. Includes FREE ebook version of the textbook...
Ex Tax: €14.99