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Aprendemos! Book 1 (Textbook and Portfolio)
¡Aprendemos! Book 1 is the complete teaching solution for the first year of the new Junior Cycle Spa..
Ex Tax: €27.95
Aprendemos! Book 1 2018 Portfolio
The Portfolio contains comprehensive activities, each covering a number of skills, to help students..
Ex Tax: €8.00
Aprendemos!Book 2 2018 Pack (Textbook and Workbook)
¡Aprendemos! is the complete teaching solution for the new Spanish Junior Cycle. This integrated pr..
Ex Tax: €30.95
Essentials Unfolded Oral Spanish
All Essentials Unfolded Oral Language booklets present key phrases, vocabulary and study hints in a..
Ex Tax: €8.10
La Practica Hace Maestro
A Workbook for Junior Certificate This workbook will help students of Spanish to prepare for the wr..
Ex Tax: €19.10
Practicamos is a workbook that covers the reading and writing sections of the Junior Certificate Spa..
Ex Tax: €15.30
Que Pasa 2 (Textbook and Diario De Aprendizaje)
Qué Pasa? 2 has been developed to address the needs of today’s Spanish teachers and their students. ..
Ex Tax: €26.95
Spanish Verbs
Spanish Verbs Author : Rachel O'Connor..
Ex Tax: €5.80
Vamos A Escuchar 1
Now in full colour Two free student's CDs 90 units of aural material to develop listening sk..
Ex Tax: €21.90
Complete Spanish Grammar (1st-6th yr)
Clear and concise step-by-step grammar book. Suitable for all second-level students and others stud..
Ex Tax: €3.95
Fiesta (Textbook and Portfolio)
A complete course in Junior Cycle Spanish. Includes portfolio book, FREE ebook and 5 x audio CDs, p..
Ex Tax: €34.95
¡Aprendemos! Book 2 2018 Portfolio
Our A4, full-colour Portfolios fully complement the textbooks and include activities based on each c..
Ex Tax: €8.00