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 JS Bach Cantata No. 78
Leaving Cert Music Course A Eulenberg Edition..
Ex Tax: €10.95
 Landscape Global Interdependence
Landscapes: Option 6 Global Interdependence guides students to top marks with relevant exam-focused ..
Ex Tax: €12.95
21st Century Business 3rd Edition Pack (Textbook and Workbook)
This Third Edition of 21st Century Business has been updated to reflect the changing economic circu..
Ex Tax: €37.00
A Thig Na Tit Orm
This autobiography is prescribed for the Leaving Certificate Irish course. Full of stories from his ..
Ex Tax: €18.40
A Thig Na Tit Orm Notai
This comprehensive book provides detailed notes on Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé’s autobiographical A Thig Ná T..
Ex Tax: €12.60
Accent Francais
 Leaving Certificate French Oral and Aural Preparation  Accent Français is a Leaving Cert..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Achtung Deutsch
· Specifically designed for 5th and 6th year students of German · Each chapter deals comprehensive..
Ex Tax: €32.99
Active Maths 3 OL LC 2nd Edition 2017
LC Active Maths 3 is a new single volume edition of our popular LC Maths Ordinary Level book, it is ..
Ex Tax: €30.55
An Domhan Inniu 1 (Todays World)
A comprehensive textbook for the Leaving Certificate Geography which has been translated into Gaeil..
Ex Tax: €31.50
An Domhan Inniu 3rd Ed (Elective 5 and Option 7)
Tíreolaíocht na hArdteistiméireachta. An triú hEagrán. Toghaonad 5 & Roghaonad 7. A new and impr..
Ex Tax: €19.95
An dTuigeann Tu? Ardteist Gnathleibheal (OL) Pack (Textbook, Workbook and CD's)
The new editions of An dTuigeann Tú? – Ardteist Gnáthleibhéal and Ardleibhéal are different! They ha..
Ex Tax: €39.95
An Triail
 An Triail    Author : Mairead Ni Ghrada  ..
Ex Tax: €6.95
An Triail Notai (Edco)
An Triail Notai Notes for the Leaving Certificate Irish novel. The personalities and themes are ..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Ar Aghaidh Libh Ardleibheal
A new Irish Oral & Aural book for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level. A brand new Irish O..
Ex Tax: €22.50
Ar Aghaidh Libh Gnathleibheal
A new Irish Oral & Aural book for the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level. A brand new Irish..
Ex Tax: €22.50
Beat! LCA English Assignments
A unique English and Communications workbook for LCA students. A complete set of assignments fo..
Ex Tax: €22.95
Biology Experiment Book 3rd Edition
An excellent workbook for Leaving Certificate Biology suitable for both Ordinary and Higher Level. ..
Ex Tax: €14.75
Biology Revised & Updated Edition
Biology Author : Michael O'Callaghan A Leaving Certificate Biology textbook suitable for Ord..
Ex Tax: €35.50
Biology Sample Answers Higher Level (07-16)
3-in-1: Past Exam Papers with Model Answers & Marking Schemes. SEC official marking scheme. Exam..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Blas Ardleibheal
 Gaeilge don Ardteistiméireacht Ardleibhéal  Blas Leaving Certificate Higher Level textbo..
Ex Tax: €37.95
Blas Gnathleibheal
 Gaeilge don Ardteistiméireacht Gnáthleibhßal. Certificate Ordinary Level Irish course, with ..
Ex Tax: €34.30