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Accent Francais
 Leaving Certificate French Oral and Aural Preparation  Accent Français is a Leaving Cert..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Bien Dit 2nd Edition OLD EDITION
Divided into easy-to-use sections, BienDit ! will prepare both Ordinary and Higher Level students f..
Ex Tax: €23.65
Ecoutez Bien 2
This Leaving Certificate French book provides students with suitable and adequate aural practice for..
Ex Tax: €20.20
French Verbs
This Leaving Certificate French book for Higher and Ordinary Level includes sections on the formatio..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Le Francais Oral
Le Francais Oral 3rd Edition This book covers the Leaving Certificate oral French course. The stud..
Ex Tax: €20.05
Tout Va Bien 3rd Edition 2019 Pack Textbook and Workbook
Effective Exam Preparation Oral & Aural Useful phrases, verb tables, vocabulary lists and exer..
Ex Tax: €37.60
Triomphe Au Bac Ordinaire
Triomphe au Bac Ordinaire is a Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level French texbook. A new, f..
Ex Tax: €22.95
Triomphe Au Bac Superieur 2018 2nd Edition
A comprehensive textbook for the Leaving Certificate Geography which has been translated into Gaeil..
Ex Tax: €23.50
Yuris Study Card French General Grammar Basic - Intermediate
The French Card contains over 30 grammar charts covering from the most basic elements to an intermed..
Ex Tax: €4.40
Yuris Study Card French General Grammar Intermediate-Advanced
The French Card contains over 30 grammar charts covering from the most basic elements to an intermed..
Ex Tax: €4.40
A L'Attaque 2nd Editon Pack Textbook and Cahier d'Oral Leaving Cert Higher Level French
This new and improved edition of Á l’Áttaque! provides everything Higher Level students need to reac..
Ex Tax: €34.95
Bonne Chance!
This new and innovative package is the definitive guide to the Leaving Cert Oral and Aural exams for..
Ex Tax: €18.95
Cle a La Grammarie
Clé à la Grammaire - French Grammar and Practice is a comprehensive grammar reference and practice b..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Exprimez-Vous Pack (Textbook and Workbook)
• Structured preparation for the Leaving Certificate French Oral exam • Engaging exam-focused dialo..
Ex Tax: €14.95
French Extra! Leaving Cert
Published: 2019French Extra! is a concise revision handbook that comprehensively covers every aspec..
Ex Tax: €9.95
French Oral Vocabulary and Practice Book Pack
This pack has been designed as a practical, flexible tool to fully prepare students for the oral el..
Ex Tax: €10.35
L'Oral Leaving Cert Oral French
L’Oral is the best supplementary programme on the market to help prepare for the French Oral exam,..
Ex Tax: €19.50
Montages Toujours
New completely revised and updated edition of the highly popular Nouveaux Montages, combining the au..
Ex Tax: €33.95
Mosaique 3rd Edition
A refreshing Leaving Certificate French textbook for Higher level. Includes 2 CDs with students text..
Ex Tax: €34.75
Panache 3rd Edition
  This is a completely updated 3rd edition of the highly successful Panache for Leavin..
Ex Tax: €32.50