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Investigating Physics
Investigating Physics • Covers both the Higher and Ordinary Level courses with material and questi..
Ex Tax: €37.99
Physics Laboratory Manual Higher and Ordinary Level
Students can record their experiment write-ups within this book – no need for a separate experiment ..
Ex Tax: €12.95
Physics Laboratory Notebook
Physics Laboratory Notebook Author : Daivd Flynn..
Ex Tax: €11.20
Real World Physics Pack (Textbook and Workbook)
This Physics book for Leaving Certificate suits both Higher and Ordinary Level. It includes both o..
Ex Tax: €39.90
Real World Physics Wookbook
Real World Physics Workbook Author : Dan O'Regan..
Ex Tax: €7.50
Doodle Physics
Doodle Physics is a new, innovative approach to learning Physics. It covers the entire Leaving Certi..
Ex Tax: €10.35
Essentials Unfolded Physics Leaving Cert
Presents in a clear and condensed way all the essential material for the Leaving Cert exam. Contains..
Ex Tax: €8.10
Exam Edge Physics 2nd Edition
Develops exam technique through providing model answers to Leaving Certificate exam questions on a t..
Ex Tax: €14.80
LEAVING CERTIFICATE PHYSICS HIGHER AND ORDINARY LEVEL • Learning objectives at the start of each c..
Ex Tax: €17.95
Physics Experiment Book New Edition
A brand new Physics Experiment workbook suitable for both Ordinary and Higher Level. Contains ..
Ex Tax: €14.75
Physics Extra! Leaving Cert
Physics Extra! presents all the Leaving Certificate Physics course material in a concise, understan..
Ex Tax: €9.95
Physics Plus Leaving Cert
A new, exam-focused text for Leaving Certificate Higher & Ordinary Level Physics. A..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Practical Physics Workbook
Practical Physics Mandatory Experiment Workbook..
Ex Tax: €15.10