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Bien Dit 2nd Edition
Divided into easy-to-use sections, BienDit ! will prepare both Ordinary and Higher Level students f..
Ex Tax: €22.95
Bienvenue En France 1 4th Edition Pack (Textbook and Portfolio)
Bienvenue en France 1 4th edition is the complete teaching solution for the first year of the n..
Ex Tax: €27.40
Bienvenue en France 1 4th Edition Portfolio
The Portfolio contains comprehensive activities, each covering a number of skills, to help students..
Ex Tax: €8.00
Bienvenue en France 2 4th Edition Pack (Textbook and Workbook)
New 2018 version of market-leading textbook & Portolio bookStructured for easy lesson-planningUn..
Ex Tax: €30.40
Biology Experiment Book 3rd Edition
An excellent workbook for Leaving Certificate Biology suitable for both Ordinary and Higher Level. ..
Ex Tax: €13.95
Biology Sample Answers Higher Level (07-16)
3-in-1: Past Exam Papers with Model Answers & Marking Schemes. SEC official marking scheme. Exam..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Blas Ardleibheal
 Gaeilge don Ardteistiméireacht Ardleibhéal  Blas Leaving Certificate Higher Level textbo..
Ex Tax: €37.95
Blas Gnathleibheal
 Gaeilge don Ardteistiméireacht Gnáthleibhßal. Certificate Ordinary Level Irish course, with ..
Ex Tax: €34.30
Bravo! - Textbook & Workbook Set (incl.CDs)
 Bravo! - Textbook & Workbook Pack    Author : M Costello, M Kerin &n..
Ex Tax: €42.10
Breaking Ground 3rd Edition 2019 (Awaiting Stock)
Breaking Ground, new edition, has been written specifically for the new Leaving Certificate Agricult..
Ex Tax: €39.95
Briathra - A Students Guide To Irish verbs
 11 irregular verbs and 38 main regular Irish verbs, conjugated in the Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir&nb..
Ex Tax: €7.95
Briathra na Gaeilge
A handy reference book containing lists of both regular and irregular verbs in Irish. It can be used..
Ex Tax: €7.40
Buntus Gramadai
Irish grammar and grammar exercise book. All the main rules of Irish grammar clearly explain..
Ex Tax: €8.60
Business Resources and Revision 2nd Edition
Business Resources and Revision Leaving Cert Second Edition Mentor Books Full Colour Study Guide A..
Ex Tax: €11.95
Ca Marche 1 (Portfolio only)
Ca Marche 1 - Portfolio Book is part of the Ca Marche 1 pack...
Ex Tax: €2.95
Ca Marche 1(Textbook,CD's and Portfolio)
Ça Marche ! 1 is a first-year French package that ensures students have what they need to meet the s..
Ex Tax: €27.95
Ca Marche 2 Pack (Textbook, Cd's and Portfolio Pack)
ÇA MARCHE ! 2 expertly provides everything you need for Junior Cycle French. Written by exper..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Ca Roule! 1 Pack (Textbook and Journal De Board)
Adopts a  communicative approach  which focuses on oral pr..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Ca Roule! 2 Pack (Textbook and Journal De Board)
Ça Roule! 2 has been written in accordance with the new Junior Cycle Specification for Modern Foreig..
Ex Tax: €25.95
Cambridge Latin Course Book 1
The leading Latin course worldwide Book I begins in the city of Pompeii shortly before the eruption ..
Ex Tax: €21.99
Cantana No. 78 JS Bach
Leaving Cert Music Course A Eulenberg Edition..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Taking a thematic approach, Carrefour is an ideal bridge between Junior and Leaving Certificate Fren..
Ex Tax: €15.99
Case Studies 2020/2021:The United States and the World 1945-1989
In the 2020–2021 Leaving Certificate history syllabus the Case Studies to be studied and examined t..
Ex Tax: €13.70
Catalyst Key Words Book ONLY
A useful reference guide for students to familiarise themselves with important terms and definition..
Ex Tax: €1.50