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Changing World Textbook
A vibrant and exciting new approach to Leaving Certificate Geography by Ireland’s leading Geography ..
Ex Tax: €32.95
Changing World Workbook
Full-colour, illustrated workbook – the perfect companion to the core text. Exam Expert gives a..
Ex Tax: €12.95
Chemistry Experiment Book
A Leaving Certificate Chemistry Experiment Book suitable for Ordinary & Higher Level. A practi..
Ex Tax: €13.60
Chemistry Live Workbook
The second edition of Chemistry Live! (Higher and Ordinary Level) provides a comprehensive..
Ex Tax: €7.00
Cinnte 2 Pack (Textbook, Student Portfolio and Self-Assessment Book) (Ordinary Level)
Cinnte! 2 (Ordinary Level) builds on the skills that were developed in Cinnte! 1, integrating all t..
Ex Tax: €25.95
Cinnte 3 Pack (Textbook and Leabhar Phunaine)
In Cinnte! 3, there are two units dedicated to Irish culture: General and Literature. General cover..
Ex Tax: €25.95
Cinnte! 1
Is leabhar nua-aimseartha spleodrach, mealltach é Cinnte! 1 atá dírithe ar dhaltaí sa chéad bhliain...
Ex Tax: €24.95
Cogar Nua
Is leagan úrnua é COGAR NUA den téacsleabhar cáiliúil COGAR. Tá sé oiriúnach do gach leibhéal m..
Ex Tax: €13.95
Cunamh Ardleibheal
Cúnamh (Ardleibhéal) is a new, comprehensive and student-friendly textbook that prepares Higher Leve..
Ex Tax: €36.15
Cunamh Gnathleibheal
Cúnamh (Gnáthleibhéal) is a new, comprehensive and student-friendly textbook that prepares Ordinary ..
Ex Tax: €30.10
Cursai An Tsaoil Pack
Cursai An Tsaoil - Pack. The Irish translation of Everyday Living, a new and comprehensive Home Eco..
Ex Tax: €38.95
Cyclone (Text and Workbook)
The Cyclone package includes: Cyclone Skills Book - Included FREE with the textbook: Written by bes..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Cyclone Skills Book ONLY
Cyclone Skills Book..
Ex Tax: €9.95
De Acuerdo
Essential Spanish Grammar and workbook De Acuerdo is a dedicated grammar book and workbook that pro..
Ex Tax: €18.30
Deachtoireacht Agus Daonlathas, 1920-45 (rogha 3)
Deachtóireacht Agus Daonlathas, 1920-45 (rogha 3) (Dictatorship & Democracy)..
Ex Tax: €16.80
Design For Living Textbook 3rd Edition
Completely updated edition of this bestselling Home Economics textbook for Higher and Ordinary Level..
Ex Tax: €35.95
Design For Living Workbook 3rd Edition
Updated to accompany the new Design for Living textbook with a wide range of material to bring stude..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Destination Maths LC (OL)
Destination Maths covers the complete Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Mathematics course in a sin..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Deutsch fur Alle 1
A Junior Certificate book for German at Higher and Ordinary Level. It develops the skills of reading..
Ex Tax: €29.50
Deutsch fur Alle 2
A Junior Certificate book for German at Higher and Ordinary Level. This market leader comes with man..
Ex Tax: €35.90
Deutsch Fur Die Mundliche Prufung 2013
Deutsch Fur Die Mundliche Prufung 2013 (2nd Edition) This book prepares students for the Leaving C..
Ex Tax: €16.80
Deutsch Komplett
Deutsch Komplett is a 2 year textbook covering the entire leaving Certificate German course for both..
Ex Tax: €37.50
Dictatorship and Democracy 1920-1945 2nd Edition 2017
This Leaving Certificate History book covers Later Modern European History, Topic 3. User-friendly l..
Ex Tax: €20.50
Dictatorship And Democracy 1920-1945 Folens
Dictatorship And Democracy 1920-1945 (option 3) Author : S Delap..
Ex Tax: €22.90