The Leaving Cert Guide by Study at Home

The Leaving Cert Guide by Study at Home
The Leaving Cert Guide by Study at Home
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The Leaving Cert Guide is a How-To guide for all senior cycle students. 

Our guide will help students thrive not just survive! Included in each guide is:

  1. Wellbeing - Looking after yourself in 5th and 6th year. Helpful information on looking after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during the Leaving Cert. 
  2. Study Tips - Strategies you can use to revise. Lots of practical information on how to revise.
  3. Calendar - Planning ahead for senior cycle. Know what to expect during 5th and 6th year and make a plan for it.
  4. Study Planners - Organise your homework and study. Learn how to successfully use a study planner with handy planner templates for you to use!
  5. The Big Bold World - Learn what's out there for you after the LC. Information on what the options are after your Leaving Cert. 
  6. Templates - Included are lots of templates that are photocopiable made for students to help them through senior cycle. 


  • The perfect gift for any student in 5th or 6th year. 
  • Tips and tricks for students to use to make the most of their 5th and 6th year. 
  • Lots of handy templates for students to photocopy and use for themselves. 
  • A4, 36 page book. 
  • Blue or Purple Cover will be supplied.


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