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Allons-y 1 Lexique
Relevant nouns, adjectives and verbs from the textbook in alphabetical order for ease of use Space t..
Ex Tax: €1.50
Allons-y 1 Mon chef d'oeuvre Book
Create their own ‘masterpieces’ in traditional and digital formatsReflect on and evaluate their prog..
Ex Tax: €4.95
Allons-y 2 Lexique
The Allons-y 2 Mon chef d’œuvre portfolio provides a record of learning for Classroom-Based As..
Ex Tax: €2.50
Allons-y 2 Mon chef d'oeuvre Book
The Allons-y 2 Mon chef d’œuvre portfolio provides a record of learning for Classroom-Based Assessm..
Ex Tax: €5.95
Allons-y 2 Pack(Textbook, Mon chef d'oeuvre Book and Lexique)
Allons-y 2 for Second and Third Year builds on Allons-y 1 to deepen Communicative competence, Langu..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Avancez is a brand new revision text for the Junior Certificate French examination, which is suitabl..
Ex Tax: €14.85
Bienvenue En France 1 4th Edition Pack (Textbook and Portfolio)
Bienvenue en France 1 4th edition is the complete teaching solution for the first year of the n..
Ex Tax: €27.40
Bienvenue en France 1 4th Edition Portfolio
The Portfolio contains comprehensive activities, each covering a number of skills, to help students..
Ex Tax: €8.00
Bienvenue en France 2 4th Edition Pack (Textbook and Workbook)
New 2018 version of market-leading textbook & Portolio bookStructured for easy lesson-planningUn..
Ex Tax: €30.40
Ca Marche 1 (Portfolio only)
Ca Marche 1 - Portfolio Book is part of the Ca Marche 1 pack...
Ex Tax: €2.95
Ca Marche 1(Textbook,CD's and Portfolio)
Ça Marche ! 1 is a first-year French package that ensures students have what they need to meet the s..
Ex Tax: €27.95
Ca Marche 2 Pack (Textbook, Cd's and Portfolio Pack)
ÇA MARCHE ! 2 expertly provides everything you need for Junior Cycle French. Written by experi..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Ca Roule! 1 Pack (Textbook and Journal De Board)
Adopts a  communicative approach  which focuses on or..
Ex Tax: €24.95
Ca Roule! 2 Pack (Textbook and Journal De Board)
Ça Roule! 2 has been written in accordance with the new Junior Cycle Specification for Modern Foreig..
Ex Tax: €25.95
Ecoutez Bien 1
This Junior Certificate French book provides students with suitable and adequate aural practice for ..
Ex Tax: €20.25
Expression Francaises
Expression Francaises Writing Skills Author : Haron Meyler..
Ex Tax: €11.30
Exprimez-vous! Workbook (HL and OL)
Exprimez Vous! Workbook to accompany the Textbook...
Ex Tax: €1.00
French Verbs
This Leaving Certificate French book for Higher and Ordinary Level includes sections on the formatio..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Grammaire Pour Tout Le Monde
Grammaire Pour Tout Le Monde For Junior Cert ( Sometimes used in Transition Year and Leaving Cert) ..
Ex Tax: €15.50
J'ecoute Je Lis Jecris
Full-colour updated edition of the highly successful J’écoute!, Je lis!, with a revised emphasis on ..
Ex Tax: €16.95
Je Comprends Bien
A course for Junior Certificate Aural French at Higher and Ordinary Level. The student book is ac..
Ex Tax: €20.60
Planete Ados
This Junior Certificate French book continues the work begun in Planète Jeunes in preparing students..
Ex Tax: €33.60
Planete Jeunes
This is a French series that covers all elements of the Junior Certificate course. It prepares the..
Ex Tax: €28.00
Premiers Pas 2 Pack
Premiers Pas 2 follows the new specification for Junior Cycle French, providing an exciting opportu..
Ex Tax: €30.15