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Appreciating Art 2nd Edition
Containing the detail required by both the Higher and Ordinary Level student, this second editi..
Ex Tax: €29.95
Less Stress More Success Art History Leaving Cert
Less Stress More Success: ART HISTORY Revision Leaving Cert: Concise revision of the most popul..
Ex Tax: €9.99
Art Works History and Appreciation of Art
'Art Works' is a new, high-quality and beautifully illustrated text for Leaving Certificate History ..
Ex Tax: €26.95
Learning Outcomes and Keyword Journal
This 160-page journal provides a structured method for students to take note of, and revise, the Lea..
Ex Tax: €1.50
Leaving Certificate Art History and Appreciation
This is an exciting Leaving Certificate Art textbook for both Higher and Ordinary Level. It features..
Ex Tax: €39.95