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Achtung Deutsch
· Specifically designed for 5th and 6th year students of German · Each chapter deals comprehensive..
Ex Tax: €32.99
Deutsch Komplett 2nd Edition 2019 Textbook
Created by expert author team Marie Devlin-Quinn and Derval McGrath, Deutsch Komplett provides effec..
Ex Tax: €35.50
Essentials Unfolded Oral German
All Essentials Unfolded Oral Language booklets present key phrases, vocabulary and study hints in a..
Ex Tax: €7.80
Horthemen Leaving Cert
Hörthemen is a new, up-to-date book containing aural and vocabulary comprehension exercises. It pr..
Ex Tax: €25.40
Themen Deutsch 1
Themen Deutsch 1 is a new German textbook for the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level course that tak..
Ex Tax: €27.85
Themen Deutsch 2
Themen Deutsch 2 is a new German textbook for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level course that takes..
Ex Tax: €27.85
Yuris Study Card German General Grammar
Yuri's Study Card German General Grammar The card covers the most important grammar charts such a..
Ex Tax: €4.40
Complete German Grammar (1St-6Th Year)
Clear and concise step-by-step grammar book. Suitable for all second-level students and others stud..
Ex Tax: €5.95
Die Mundliche Leaving Cert Oral German
Die Mündliche is the best supplementary programme on the market to help prepare for the German Ora..
Ex Tax: €19.50
Grundkurs Deutsch
Ordinary Level Workbook The aim of this book is to create a link between the vocabulary and c..
Ex Tax: €25.65
Leistungskurs Deutsch
This workbook covers key topics and grammar skills for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level course. ..
Ex Tax: €30.95
Oral German 2020-2025 + incl. CD
Oral German, 2020-2025 has been written by two highly regarded and experienced German authors. Using..
Ex Tax: €19.20
Thematisch is an aural and vocabulary comprehension book that takes a thematic approach to German l..
Ex Tax: €24.40