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Chambers New School Dictionary CJ Fallon
Chambers New School Dictionary Over 30,000 references and 40,000 definitions. New two-colou..
Ex Tax: €14.45
Chambers Primary Dictionary Gill
Chambers Primary Dictionary has been specially written for pupils aged between 7 and 11, so they can..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Collins Gem English Dictionary
Collins Gem English Dictionary The world’s best-selling mini dictionary. This new edition, in colo..
Ex Tax: €6.80
Collins Gem English Dictionary and Thesaurus
6th Edition This new edition is an indispensable guide to the English language. Part of the Collin..
Ex Tax: €6.80
EDCO Oxford Primary Dictionary
A comprehensive dictionary to support learning at home and in school. Enrich children's language wi..
Ex Tax: €8.95
Oxford Childrens Dictionary CJ Fallons
Oxford Childrens Dictionary Author : Robert Allen..
Ex Tax: €16.35
Oxford English Colour Dictionary
Colour Oxford English Dictionary. This dictionary provides a selection of 90,000 words, phrases, and..
Ex Tax: €12.30
Collins Gem English Thesaurus
With alternative words, subject lists, and a Word Power supplement, this color edition is meant for ..
Ex Tax: €6.80
Collins Pocket Dictionary & Thesaurus
7th Edition Two books in one with all the words you need at your fingertips. With matching diction..
Ex Tax: €11.99
Collins Pocket English Dictionary
A5 Size English Dictionary.Vinyl Protective Cover The most up-to-date and information-packed dicti..
Ex Tax: €11.99
Collins School Dictionary
Popular School Dictionary By Collins..
Ex Tax: €6.95
Educate School Dictionary Educate
Educate.ie's Collins School Dictionary is an essential reference tool for home and classroom, p..
Ex Tax: €6.20
Grammar Essentials
Grammar Essentials is a reference dictionary presenting information about the essential element..
Ex Tax: €4.99
Jolly Dictionary JL008
Help youngsters have fun looking up words with this bright and simple Jolly Dictionary. Using famili..
Ex Tax: €10.95
Oxford English Colour Thesaurus
This is the reissued Colour Oxford Thesaurus - now in an attractive new format.This thesaurus offe..
Ex Tax: €12.40
Oxford English Mini Dictionary
An easy-to-use dictionary containing 90,000 up-to-date words, phrases, and definitions...
Ex Tax: €6.80
Oxford School English Dictionary
A major new edition of the trusted, bestselling, comprehensive Oxford School Dictionary with new cur..
Ex Tax: €9.99