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Book Covering

To apply Book Covering navigate to the shopping cart and Click the Checkbox.

Book Covering 1


Once selected a white tick will appear in a blue box.

Each book, where covering is applicable, will also update with a white tick in a blue box and the description will update to include Book Covering Per Book.

The price of covering will now be included in the book price.

As in the example, the price of the book has changed from €11.95 to €13.45

Products such as copies, stationery items, and books with a spiral bound will not have the Book Covering option available.

Book Covering 2


We do not cover copy books, however, we do have coy covers available to purchase.

They can be found in the Book Covering category


If you would like to check if you have applied book covering to your order after it has been placed,navigate to Order History and Select view on the order you would like to check.

If covering has been applied, "Book Covering Per Book: Book Covering" will appear under the applicable books.

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