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Buying Second-hand instore

Are you finished with your Junior, or Leaving Cert Text Books?

From June to late August, we buy second-hand Secondary books in-store, so we would be delighted to give yours a new lease of life for the next student who needs them.

In our experience, customers like to inspect the condition of the books in our store before buying so we do not sell second-hand online.

We are unable to check the shops for secondhand in our “online chat” as we are based in our office/warehouse and do not have access to current stock levels. Please contact our shops directly on (Find Our Stores)

Senior Cycle:

Many of the popular Maths, and option subjects should be available second-hand in Summer 2023. There are some that must be bought new, such as Poetry Books and revised editions due to curriculum changes.

Junior Cycle:

The phasing in of the new Junior Cycle has meant new editions in every subject over the last few years.

Some subjects such as Maths, English, Business, History, and Geography are expected to be available secondhand this year.

Selling Your Old Books to High Street Books

Between June and September, we buy used Secondary schoolbooks, novels, plays, and revision books in both High Street Books shops (South Douglas Road & Wilton).

Please call to see us in-store so that a member of staff can sort through your old books.

Before your visit, please be advised that we cannot buy the following:

  • Most Junior Cert Text Books   (1st Year students are now doing the Junior Cycle)
  • Workbooks which have been written into.
  • Exam Papers
  • Novels and Plays with a lot of highlighting /pen marks.
  • Dictionaries
  • Year-specific books (Eg, Poetry books for LC 2023 )

Please Note: Due to the Free Primary School Book Scheme we will no longer be buying in secondhand Primary Books.

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